3 First Round Matchups Which Could Lead to an Upset

With the playoffs getting closer and the 16 possible playoff teams all having a bit of breathing room with the Clippers, Nuggets, and Pistons faltering, it seems like the only thing left to play for is seeding. If the seeds fall right, we could have some amazing matchups and some potentially amazing upsets.

#6 Sixers vs #3 Cavs
This matchup represents the young guns vs the new old guard. The Cavs did a ton to overhaul their aging roster and so they’re not quite as old as they were, but the the Sixers are too naive to know that LeBron has owned the East for a better part of a decade. The Cavs lead the season series 2-1 but their 2 wins were early in the year before Philly really found their footing. With the deadline moves the Sixers made, picking up a couple of former Hawks, this could be the year LeBron gets ousted in the first round.

#7 Bucks vs #2 Celtics
The Celtics are limping into the playoffs. Marcus Smart is injured and may miss the first round, Kyrie Irving is getting a second opinion on his knee, and their young players aren’t playing at the same level as they were. Meanwhile, the Bucks have not been playing great basketball either, but when you take the talent they have, accentuated by the Greek Freak, as you saw from last year’s matchup vs. Toronto, the Bucks truly can make some noise.

#8 Spurs vs #1 Rockets
The Spurs had fallen out of the playoffs for a brief moment last week but have since been unstoppable. If they happen to slip to the 8 seed, this could be an especially problematic matchup for Houston. The Rockets can pick apart less experienced, more undisciplined teams, but there is a good reason why the Spurs have been relevant for nearly 2 decades, and he coaches the team. Greg Popovich is the master of getting the most out of his team and if they can get Kawhi back to 100% for the playoffs, look out Houston, there’s another team in Texas looking to take you down.


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