3 Bold Predictions for the end of the NBA Season

We’re approaching the end of the NBA regular season and the playoffs are almost here. It’s been a year where the unexpected has happened. Not many expected the Rockets to be THIS good before the year started and have the inside track to the league’s number 1 seed. Also, while many expected the Cavs to be a bit worse without Kyrie, most didn’t expect the Cavs to be in a battle for 3rd and in real danger of not getting home court in the first round. While anyone who predicted those things before the season might have a crystal ball, they also were very bold predictions coming into the year.

Here are some more bold predictions for the end of the regular season and into the playoffs.

The Lakers finish the season ahead of the Spurs
It’s well publicized that the Spurs are struggling and while it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that the Spurs miss the playoffs, the combination of how cold they’ve been and how hot the Lakers have been could make the Spurs season go from bad to worse. While the Lakers still have 7 games to make up with less than 20 to play, they’ve been playing some fantastic basketball. If the Spurs can’t get Kawhi back soon, there may be no reason to bring him back at all. Don’t be surprised if the last few games of the season go horribly for San Antonio.

Steph Curry plays less than 5 more games this regular season
Steph is dealing with an injury and while it isn’t considered to be serious, the Warriors also seem to not care at all about whether or not they’re the top seed and instead would rather just get to the playoffs healthy. With Klay also injured, it seems like now more than ever, that the Warriors will be satisfied just getting to the playoffs in one piece.

The Raptors win at least 2 game one’s
The Raps have been notoriously horrible the past few years to start a season, losing 10 straight game one’s dating back to 2002. Their two best players Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan have been horrible in the playoffs, especially early in series. This is the year that changes. With the depth the Raptors have, expect them to overcome any deficiencies from Lowry, DeRozan, or any of their other key contributors. They say there’s strength in numbers, well the this year, Toronto is going to try to prove that theory.



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