NBA All Star Roster Mock Draft

This year, the NBA did a smart thing and will do a stupid thing. They decided it would be brilliant to have the two leading vote getters be the team captains, and then pick teams like we’re out in the schoolyard. Where they went wrong was when they decided not to televise the draft. THAT’S WHAT WE WANT TO SEE!!

I’m not sure if they plan on releasing the draft order or not, but I’d guess they won’t as if they would, they’d likely just air the draft itself. Either way, what could have been a ton of fun, will just have to be a moderate amount of fun, with the best parts being running a mock draft.

I believe how it will work is that LeBron will have first pick of the starters and they will alternate until all starters have been selected. Once that’s completed, then Steph Curry will have first pick of the reserves until all of the reserves have been selected. Here we go.

Starters Draft

With the first pick in the NBA All Star Mock Draft, Team LeBron selects… Kevin Durant, GSW.

Reaction: LeBron immediately sent a message to Steph that just because KD and Steph are teammates during the season, doesn’t mean LeBron will just let him fall to Steph.

Team Steph first pick: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Mil

Reaction: Steph is used to playing with a bit of a freak in KD, well now he’ll be playing with a Greek Freak. This also could prevent Giannis from having the meaningful conversations with LeBron to recruit him for next season. The last thing Steph wanted, was for LeBron to join forces with Giannis on a regular basis.

Team LeBron second pick: James Harden, Hou

Reaction: With rumors swirling around LeBron possibly heading to Houston in the offseason, LeBron wanted to get an idea of what it’s like to play with one of the Rockets stars.

Team Steph second pick: Anthony Davis, NO

With Steph understanding the need for length that can shoot, Team Steph selected the one player with perhaps as many tools as his current teammate Kevin Durant.

Team LeBron third pick: Joel Embiid, Phi

Reaction: With Steph having played some defense against LeBron’s potential future teammates by taking Giannis early, LeBron decided to join forces with another freak in Embiid. Joel’s Sixers provide another potential landing spot for LeBron and gives LeBron a chance to really get to know Embiid and what he’s all about.

Team Steph third pick: Boogie Cousins, NO

Reaction: At this point, Steph was playing chicken with LeBron. Was he really going to avoid taking Kyrie? Steph has now secured himself the biggest front court around (Cousins, Davis, Giannis).

Team LeBron fourth pick: DeMar DeRozen, Tor

Reaction: Yup… LeBron went away Kyrie.

Team Steph fourth pick: Kyrie Irving, Bos

Reaction: A slightly stunned Steph, has found his second guard and perhaps one of the only players who have a handle equal or better than Steph’s.

Reserves Draft 

Team Steph fifth pick: Draymond Green, GSW

Reaction: It was either Klay or Draymond and Steph believes Klay would be more understanding if he was picked a touch later.

Team LeBron fifth pick: Russell Westbrook, OKC

Reaction: Westbrook is the one guy who wants to win every game all the time, and LeBron has decided to channel that into a winning roster.

Team Steph sixth pick: Kristaps Porzingis, NYK

Reaction: At this point, Steph made a roster decision. He was going to take a chance on another big who can shoot and give him a big time rim protector as well.

Team LeBron sixth pick: Klay Thompson, GSW

Reaction: LeBron having realized what was happening with Steph, decided to have a bit of fun with Curry by taking the other half of the Splash Brothers.

Team Steph seventh pick: Karl-Anthony Towns, Min

Reaction: Curry completely phased by what just happened, almost didn’t get his pick in on time. He quickly scrambled and was able to take another big man, Towns.

Team LeBron seventh pick: Jimmy Butler, Min

Reaction: LeBron at this point is in complete control. He’s building a lineup that on paper is very well balanced and also, has a player who is currently injured and will likely be replaced by Paul George if he cannot play. No lose situation.

Team Steph eighth pick: Victor Oladipo, Ind

Reaction: Steph just realized that he doesn’t have many options at a traditional small forward on his team so decides to go for broke and just take the best volume 3 point shooter by percentage remaining.

Team LeBron eighth pick: John Wall, Was

Reaction: LeBron saw all the bigs on the Team Steph and wanted to speed the game up and render their size less effective and went with the fastest player on the board.

Team Steph ninth pick: Kyle Lowry, Tor

Reaction: With the Oladipo pick in the books, Steph has decided to double down with efficient volume 3 point shooting and take Lowry to go with him.

Team LeBron ninth pick: Kevin Love, Cle

Reaction: LeBron looked over at the remaining players and decided it was time to pull the trigger on his teammate and bring him on board.

Team Steph tenth pick: Brad Beal, Was

Reaction: Steph has a lot of bigs and is now filling out his roster with some wings.

Team LeBron tenth pick: Damian Lillard, Por

Reaction: With Steph continuing to now take scoring guards, LeBron couldn’t miss out on the last one.

Team Steph last pick: Al Horford, Bos

Reaction: Horford is a skilled player but Steph thought perhaps he was a touch slower and would have trouble keeping up, so he did not want to take him earlier, but at this point, at least he would provide great defensive and spacing.

Team LeBron last pick: LaMarcus Aldridge, SAS

Reaction: As Aldridge joined his team, he has the chance to reunite with former teammate Damian Lillard.

Final Rosters:

Team LeBron
LeBron James
Kevin Durant
James Harden
Joel Embiid
DeMar Derozan
Russell Westbrook
Klay Thompson
Jimmy Butler
John Wall
Kevin Love
Damian Lillard
LaMarcus Aldridge

Team Steph
Steph Curry
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Anthony Davis
Boogie Cousins
Kyrie Irving
Draymond Green
Kristaps Porzingis
Karl-Anthony Towns
Victor Oladipo
Kyle Lowry
Brad Beal
Al Horford


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