Lavar Ball vs. The Lakers

“And if he continues to open his mouth, all three of those boys are going to be playing overseas. No coach, general manager or owner are going to want to put up with the dad.” Reggie Miller

Recently I’ve been hearing some backlash regarding Lavar Ball’s comments on Luke Walton, and the reactions compelled me to write a piece about it.

First off, to Reggie Miller, I am truly sorry that you feel Lavar Ball will become ‘too much to put up with‘.  Frankly, that statement is pretty ironic.  When we’re talking about the Lakers, let’s be real – ‘Lavar Ball is too much to put up with?’ Are you serious? What about Kobe Bryant?  On July 4 2003, Kobe Bryant was arrested on sexual assault charges.  The case was eventually dismissed after the accuser refused to testify.  Many of Kobe’s fans continue to say she just wanted the money.  But isn’t that what so many people told Harvey Weinstein’s accusers? Isn’t that why so many women stopped saying anything, and so many powerful men were protected? I’m not saying he did it, BUT, I am saying, in this climate, had Kobe Bryant been accused of sexual assault, I think Luke Walton would actually have a real problem on his hands.  Despite Bryant’s issues, the Lakers recently retired BOTH, not one, but BOTH of his jerseys.  And Jeanie Buss cried while doing it.

I don’t know about you, but Lavar Ball’s comments on Luke Walton, are MUCH easier to ‘put up with‘ than sexual assault accusations.  Not to mention, Jamil Wilson, who was supposed to sign a ten day contract with the Lakers, was just recently accused of sexual battery, which forced the team to renege on the contract.  Now THAT is an actual problem.

Let’s move on to Jason Kidd.  While Kidd was playing with the Suns, Kidd allegedly punched his then wife, Joumana in the mouth.  A good 11 years later, just three days after being welcomed to the New York Knicks, Kidd was arrested for drinking and driving.

Seriously Reggie, Daddy’s comments are ‘too much’ for a team to put up with?

As far as we have seen, Lonzo Ball, not only plays great basketball, but he’s also an incredibly quiet and well adjusted 20 year old.  If all we have to deal with is his Daddy, I don’t really see why that’s a problem.  Because Daddy hurt your feelings? Really? If Lonzo continues to be an asset on the team, and lives a quiet life outside of it, I don’t see why any coach would not want to ‘put up with him.’

Luke Walton is a great coach.  Coaching a team consisting of young players can be very difficult.  And yes, he has had a rough season, but I really think, Luke would rather deal with Daddy saying mean things, than dealing with players like KCP who just finished a stint in jail.  Not only did his DUI disrupt the starting line up, but it affected his game play, restricted his travel ability, and forced Walton to have to deal with KCP’s on court mess.

So let’s stop attacking Lavar Ball, and just take him for what he is.  Just a Daddy with an opinion.  Sorry he hurt your feelings Reggie Miller.  (That was sarcasm for those of you who can’t tell tone in an article).

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